Slow down with ZipBrake

ZipBrake is an impact pad mounted on a spring that is permanently attached to the lower end of the zip line. It absorbs the impact of the Trolley and brings the user to a stop.
Designed to allow the Kanhook® (PPE) to pass to the next element when the user has reached a complete stop. The Kanhook® (PPE) does not need to be removed from the safety line ensuring continuous connection and increased safety. The zip line can now be integrated into a continuous ropes course, offering increased flexibility in park design and operation.

Benefits of Speedrunner® ZipBrake

  • Braking (No spring back lock system)
  • No disengagement of the Kanhook® (PPE) at end of zip line
  • Improved safety
  • Retroactively mountable, adjustable and removable
  • Reduce waiting times and increase user satisfaction
  • For safety line Ø 12 – 12.7MM (1/2 inch)

Protect your equipment!

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