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What are our continuous belay system?

CBS / Continuous Belay System: Safety line including personal protective equipement, wire/cable/rail, brackets and all components avoiding that the participant can disconnect himself from the safety line. CBS is considered as a collectiv protective equipment.

Safety Line : flexible or rigid, horizontal, vertical or sloping, continuous or discontinuous device used as a protection against falling from a height.

PPE / Personal Protective Equipment : All the equipment that the participant carry with him to be connected to the CBS like : harness (full or not), lanyard, connector, Mobile Connecting Device (MCD) or to protect himself from other risk like helmet, gloves.

MCD / Mobile Connecting Device : part of the ISS which is used to connect it to the safety line and allows the user to move along the safety like a hook, a trolley.

ISS / Individual Safety System : component(s) connecting the harness to the safety line for protection against fall from height consisting of mobile connecting device(s), lanyard(s) and a connecting system to the harness which may be supplied as a pre-assembled product, or supplied by one or more manufacturer(s) and may be assembled by a user to make an ISS.

Lanyard : part of the ISS connecting the MCD to the connecting system to the harness

MCD Categories according EN15567-1 : CBS can only accept Category D and E. Kanopeo only sell Category E.

Category E MCD :  Device that is permanently attached during operation and can only be opened with a tool.

Safety line supports : Supports / brackets on which the MCD can transit.


Continuous Belay Systems (CBS) are a safety element to ensure the movement of people at height and to prevent them from falling to the ground.
In general, it is a simple cable fixed at both ends. However, the person must be attached to this cable and be able to move safely from one cable to the other, passing from one game to the other.
CBS have the particularity of allowing the person to circulate continuously, thus without interruption of safety.
For this purpose, CBS are generally made up of a cable running from one end to the other of the course to be ensured, the cable being maintained in the air by supports allowing the mobile connection device (MCD : carabiner, trolley,…) to circulate.

Kanopeo, specialist in these safety systems, offers 2 different systems: Saferoller and Speedrunner.


Saferoller® is the world’s first rolling continuous belay system. It can be installed with safety line out-of-reach for maximum adrenaline rush. Ideal for Saferoller® Kids Trail and Zip Lines of any length. From 4 years and up, just slip on and roll. Rugged, durable and dependable. Your safety is assured.

Speedrunner® is the economic, free-running solution for your aerial adventure with the industry first self-closing gap mechanism for your aerial adventure park. With the safety line at half height, it can be installed in a variety of configurations. Just hook and go. Simple, secure and safe.

Both systems meet the demands of operators worldwide. They are specifically designed to increase user turnover rates and decrease operating costs.

Installed in over 1050 trails in 560 adventure parks spanning 56 countries across 5 continents.

We are the most powerful engine in the industry.

Let us design your optimum package.

Experience safe


Carefree adventure

kanopeo speedrunner lanyard
Saferoller V3

Detailed Specs

  • Swiss Made & engineering
  • Easy Installation
  • Lowest maintenance requirements on the market
  • Maximum Return on Investment
  • Minimal supervision required
  • Course can be completed faster, increasing customer turnover rates
  • Quickly adapted for persons with disabilities
  • Reduce annual Operating Costs 25-35%
  • Safety is paramount

Our experienced consulting team will help you custom design your adventure park to maximize turnover, reduce waiting lines on platforms and increase customer satisfaction.

Saferoller is our main product line, used by millions of participant in the aerial adventure trail all around the world.

This product line is adapted from children to adults.

One product for all type of customers, reduce your needs, maintenance and staff requirement.

It makes easier the operation of the parks.

The product is durable also with big flow of users.

 Safety briefing reduce to the max, if properly set up, no briefing at all !

Speedrunner is a cheaper investment, but quality altenative to Saferoller.

Speedrunner request the participant to manipulate the Kanhook carabiner each time he goes over a bracket.

For zip line an additional pulley is requested, the use of it request a briefing.



Kanopeo stay tuned to all needs from park operators and park users to improve and develop the gear used.

Main competitors use mountain gear, but they are not always adapted to the use we have in adventure trail in term of safety or flow.

Kanopeo develop products like the adjustable lanyard HiRope or the connector Carebiner that the user cannot open by inadvertance.

For each CBS a full amount of accessories were developped to cover as much as possible the design of the trails : bifurcation, safety line interruptor, zip line controler, anti return, etc…

Zip line collision is the last occurence of potentially heavy accident on adventure trails.

Kanopeo was the first to developp a solution to solve it.