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The evolution of the revolution.

Our Story

Jacques Christinet, a native of Lausanne, Switzerland, spent many years working in Zermatt as part of the maintenance and safety team for the cable cars. While high above the ground, inspecting the cables, Christinet conceived an extraordinary feat: to zip line the entire length of the wire ropes, from top to bottom. In 1996, he performed the longest zip line of the world : 2.7 km and nearly 1000 m height difference.

In 2006, the seed germinated: Christinet and his longtime friend Vincent Hueber opened a high ropes adventure course in Zermatt, Switzerland. At the time, they were limited to the traditional carabiner system. Customers had to loosen the carabiner, clip and unclip on the wire ropes at junctions and between elements. Jacques and Vincent quickly recognized this was a safety concern as the system left users vulnerable for a few short seconds. As a result of this unnecessary risk, close supervision was essential, especially for youth. In fact, children from the ages of 4 to 6 were unable to use it at all.

In 2007, the two passionate mountaineers successfully designed and engineered an innovative system that would continuously secure the individual to the safety cable. Speedrunner ® V1, the world‘s first rolling continuous belay system, was introduced. Speedrunner ® V1 dramatically increased user safety and customer throughput by up to 25%.

In 2010 they start to developp the new version, but change the name to Saferoller ®. The CBS is still actually based on the same intermediate brackets, but the most improvment are done on the Trolley Saferoller, actually in version 3.

In 2014, to better cover the market, they developp a new CBS, cheaper but always based on good quality, based on an hook : Speedrunner ® V2 with the Kanhook.

Continuous technological development and enhanced safety is Kanopeo’s motivation.

The Saferoller® and Speedrunner® systems are constantly evolving. The modern continuous belay systems are lighter, safer and more technologically advanced. These unparalleled continuous belay systems are installed in more than 560 parks worldwide.

Over the past decade, Kanopeo GmbH has designed, engineered and manufactured a complete line of equipment and accessories to compliment both systems. From A to Z: Advice to Zip, Kanopeo is your one-stop solution when designing and building your ultimate aerial adventure park. And yes, Forest Fun Park in Zermatt continues to serve as the testing ground for product innovation.

Leading the aerial adventure industry to new heights for over a decade

The term Kanopeo has its origins in the Esperanto language and can be compared with the English term “canopy”, describing the top layer of a forest.


They retrofitted Forest Fun Park Zermatt with the revolutionary system, premiering the first aerial adventure park completely equipped with a rolling continuous belay system in the spring of 2009.


In 2010, Jacques Christinet and Vincent Hueber opened Kanopeo GmbH, updating the Speedrunner I® and re-introducing it as Saferoller®. The innovative rolling continuous belay system immediately caught the attention of a number of aerial adventure park owner/operators who enthusiastically embraced the technologically superior system.


In their ongoing quest to serve the market, Jacques Christinet and Vincent Hueber introduced the Speedrunner® product line in 2012. Vincent Hueber conceived he Kanhook® (PPE) which set the bar for economical continuous belay systems.


Kanopeo set on market the adjustable lanyard HiROPE 2.


At the SNEPA Meeting in Nice, Kanopeo introduce the first zip line controler : the ZipEYE. It permit to have only one person at ethe same time on a zip line to avoid accident by collision.



A great new product for Autumn 2023 ! Wait and see….


Years Of Experience




Mission statement

Our services

Kanopeo GmbH invented the world’s first rolling continuous belay system for aerial adventure parks, setting a new standard for the industry. The company continues to develop and enhance its continuous belay systems to deliver the safest product possible while offering a variety of solutions. Kanopeo GmbH achieves this by provid-ing innovative, ergonomic, user-friendly and durable products with low maintenance costs.

Our customers

Our customers are park designers and builders, who plan, build and retrofit using our system, as well as private park owners who purchase our products directly. Kanopeo GmbH supports and advises our customers and re-sponds to their questions and concerns in a timely fashion to provide the client and park visitors a memorable and, above all, safe experience.

Our suppliers

Kanopeo attaches great importance to the quality. As a Swiss company we offer our customers the highest Swiss quality and work, wherever possible, with Swiss suppliers.

Our employees

We place a high degree of trust in our employees, allowing them independence and responsibility, cultivating a responsive and harmonious relationship characterized by a flat hierarchy organization.

Securing our future

Through continuous innovation, high quality, consulting and joint venture, Kanopeo GmbH seeks to establish and position itself as a market leader over the long term.

Our contribution to safety

Kanopeo GmbH has set itself the goal of making the aerial adventure industry safer. As a manufacturer of safe-ty-related products, we comply with all applicable standards and laws. We endeavor to go one step further, wherever possible, to make our products safer through innovation that surpasses existing standards and regulations.

We are constantly improving

Kanopeo GmbH is committed to continuously improving products and services by introducing a quality management system.

What we do

Adventure Park, Kids Trail, Canopy Tour & Zip Line Adventure

Breathtaking views, Endless thrills and Maximum adrenaline rush

Saferoller® and Speedrunner® continuous belay systems offer unlimited configuration possibilities: High Ropes Courses, Climbing Parks, Adventure Parks, Amusement Parks, Saferoller® Kids Trail and Saferoller® Mobile Kids Trail, Canopy Tours, Zip Lines, Retrofit, Skywalk & Via Ferrata or Saferoller® Mobile Aerial Adventure (SUMAA) Trailer.

From team building to individual challenge, Saferoller® and Speedrunner® continuous belay systems are your #1 choice.


Saferoller®: Designed for safety line out-of-reach

Saferoller® is the world’s FIRST rolling continuous belay system and remains the only system that can be installed with safety line out-of-reach for maximum adrenaline rush (2m -2.3m above platform height)


Designed to resist wear and tear

Speedrunner® is the free-running solution for your aerial adventure park. With the safety line at half height, it can be quickly adapted for many situations.

Operating performance optimization

Reinforce your security while lowering your costs.

Ready-to-use solutions

Saferoller® Ultimate Mobile Aerial Adventure trailer

Saferoller® mobile kids trail

Forest Fun Park Zermatt, CH