The Speedrunner® Lanyard provides an additional, safe attachment to zip lines, canopy tours and other aerial adventures equipped with Speedrunner® continuous belay system. Designed and manufactured in France exclusively for Kanopeo, the Lanyard attaches directly to the Kanhook (PPE). As soon as it is connected to the safety line, the user is unable to remove the Kanhook (PPE) and the harness from the lanyard.

Additional safety is assured. There are no extra costs and no additional links required. High quality 9.5MM semi-static rope. A wrap-around protective fabric at each end ensures there is no wear on the termination stitches for increased durability.

Step 1: ATTACH Kanhook (PPE) to the long end with a larkfoot knot
Step 2: ATTACH trolley to the short end with a carabiner
Step 3: SECURE harness to the lanyard with a larkfoot knot

Developed exclusively for Kanhook (PPE)

High durability

Enhanced safety

Speedrunner Kanhook Ultimate
lanyard kanhook
continuous belay system speedrunner lanyard

Detailed Specs

  • For use in canopy tours, zip lines and aerial adventure courses
  • No additional linkages required
  • Easy to operate
  • Lanyard connects to Kanhook (PPE), trolley and harness
  • Shorter end has “PIER’O”, a plastic holding device that keeps the carabiner in line with the direction of travel & protects the rope
  • Durable semi-static 9.5MM rope
  • A cursory inspection by a trained person is essential before each use of the Lanyard
  • Long end connecting to Kanhook (PPE): 70CM
  • short end connecting to Trolley: 55CM
  • CE Certified PPE 89 / 686 / CE
  • Lanyard Life time: 1800 Days in use