The Saferoller® Tree Clamp is designed to protect the integrity of the tree. Installed on living trees, it is mounted on brackets and ratcheted to the tree. Designed to start and end of trail, maintain safety line in a straight line or provide redundancy after a zip line.

  • The Tree Clamp permit an easy roll over of the Saferoller® Trolley (PPE)
  • Allows for faster runs & fast end-to-end rolling
  • The Tree Clamp maintains safety line in the air
  • Easy to install: Simply insert the safety line and tighten the 3 pushers.

Manual included in shipment contains all necessary information for the installation and application of the Saferoller® Tree Clamp.

For safety line Ø 12 – 12.7MM (1/2 inch)

    Kanopeo continuous belay system saferoller tree clamp