Spice up your Saferoller® courses without compromising safety

Easily integrate games like QUICKjump® or to safely ensure vertical movements with the Saferoller® Transfer.

Improve your customer’s experience by offering a unique, safe & foolproof Saferoller® Transfer mechanism

  • Compatible with QUICKjump® Free Fall device and TRUBLUE® Auto Belay by Headrush
  • Compatible with POWERFAN® by Dropzone
  • Intuitive operation minimizes instruction time
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for ages 7 years and up
  • Short briefing recommended
continuous belay system saferoller icon trolley

Detailed Specs


  • 2 stations (ask for specificities)
  • access to station only when shuttle not connected
  • easy manipulation
  • no access to the mechanism by user
  • no maintenance
  • easy check up control
  • 1 shuttle with rapid link for easy connection of the safety device lanyard’s
  • secondary lanyard with carabiner included
  • Saferoller® Transfer: stainless steel
  • Saferoller® Transfer Set  includes all parts for direct mounting. If straps aren’t necessary, we can remove them from the picking list
  • Manual on our online jdoc