Spice up your Saferoller® courses without compromising safety

Easily integrate games like QUICKjump®, Tarzan Swing or to safely ensure vertical movements with the Saferoller® Transfer.

Improve your customer’s experience by offering a unique, safe & foolproof Saferoller® Transfer mechanism

  • Compatible with QUICKjump® Free Fall device and TRUBLUE® Auto Belay by Headrush
  • Compatible with POWERFAN® by Dropzone
  • Intuitive operation minimizes instruction time
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for ages 7 years and up
  • Short briefing recommended
continuous belay system saferoller icon trolley

Detailed Specs

kanopeo saferoller transfert

  • departure- (right) and one arrival station (left)
  •  The transfer is connected to the Tarzan line, Quick Jump® or Trublue® type device.
  • A dual asymmetrical lanyard consisting of a short strand connected to the Transfer and a long strand, which provides the redundancy. It is installed out of reach of the user’s head when jumping or using.Depending on the trail construction, stations (left and right) can be combined.
  • Saferoller® Transfer: 7075 aluminum and steel for mechanical or support parts
  • Saferoller® Transfer Set  includes all parts for direct mounting. If straps aren’t necessary, we can remove them from the picking list
  • Manual included in shipment contains all necessary information for the installation and application of the Saferoller® Transfer
  • Certified