The Long Zip Clamp can be installed anywhere. Allows for attachment to all structures and is ideal for long zip lines of any lengh. It can also be installed above head-height. 

  • The Long Zip bracket maintains position of the safety line in the air
  • Can easily be used with the Saferoller® Trolley (PPE)
  • Allows for faster runs & fast end-to-end rolling
  • Enables easy rolling of the Saferoller® Trolley (PPE) and reduces waiting times and increases throughput
  • Easy to install: Simply insert the safety wire rope and tighten the 6 tensioners

For safety line Ø 12 – 12.7MM (1/2 inch)
Working Load before Slippage: 40 kN

    Kanopeo continuous belay system saferoller long zip clamp