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Saferoller® kids trail

More kids
More fun
More money!

Children will get stronger and more flexible while building self-confidence by doing things they never thought possible.
With Saferoller® Kids Trail, briefing takes only 60 seconds. Just slip on and roll. Trails are designed for self-discovery and can be installed at heights up to 5m. The wire rope can be installed out-of-reach. Park staff are always available for questions or assistance.

Higher numbers for increased ROI
Fast hands free rolling for kids 4 years and up
Reduced operating costs for enhanced profitability

Develop customers for life: 75% of your clients are under 15. Keep them coming back.

Benefits of a Saferoller® Kids Trail:

  • Children can roll solo
  • Create a challenging and exciting experience
  • Children can test their limits safely
  • Establish trust and build confidence in a fun environment
  • Just slip-on and roll
  • Fast, continuous end-to-end rolling
  • Unparalleled hands free movement
  • Operators are always available for assistance
  • From 4 years and up