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Saferoller® Ultimate Mobile Aerial Adventure trailer

Saferoller® Ultimate Mobile Aerial Adventure trailer

The only single-operator mobile aerial ropes course on the market

No forest? No problem! Kanopeo brings the adventure to you. Portable adrenaline for any event. From a few hours to a few days.
40 to 80 people per hour capacity.

Available in 3 sizes: 8m (26ft), 10m (32ft), 12m (40ft)

Features Saferoller® Ultimate Mobile Aerial Adventure (SUMAA) Trailer

  • Only Kanopeo offers fast set up (1 hour) and operation by 1 person
  • Opens with hydraulic pump system
  • 8 to 12 obstacles available depending on trailer size
  • Choose from over 150 obstacles to customize your trailer
  • Trailer is folding, telescopic and fully adjustable
  • Standard & custom configurations available for each trailer size
  • Additional option: Zipline exit up to 60m for 10m & 12m trailer

Experience safe


Carefree adventure

Saferoller® Mobile Kids Trail
Saferoller® Mobile Kids Trail
Saferoller® Mobile Kids Trail

Detailed Specs

Specific obstacles vary depending on trailer size

  • 8m Trailer: 8 obstacles of 5m length
  • 10m Trailer: 8 obstacles of 6m length
  • 12m Trailer: 12 obstacles of 5m length or 8 obstacles of 6m length

Choose obstacles targeted to your costumers (Children, Family, Team Building, etc.)

Sports Events, Music Festivals, Birthday Parties, Corporate Meetings, Team Building, Fairs and Exhibitions, Weekend Markets, Fundraising, Beaches & more

Start an exciting new mobile adrenaline-based business for fairs, exhibits and special events.
Promote your park by bringing the fun to prospective clients.

For maximum safety, each course is exclusively equipped with the Saferoller® rolling Continuous Belay System (CBS).
The structure meets all applicable European (EN 15567) and American (ACCT) standards. All courses are certified.

Designed & constructed by A&P Projects, Made in Belgium

Saferoller® Continuous belay system by Kanopeo GmbH, Made in Switzerland

Worldwide exclusive distribution by Kanopeo GmbH, Switzerland

All rights reserved