SAFEROLLER® continuous belay system


Saferoller® continuous belay system.
Swiss designed & manufactured, fast and continuous end-to-end rolling, designed for safety line out-of-reach.

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Speedrunner®, the free-running solution for your aerial adventure.
Swiss designed & manufactured.

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SAFEROLLER® is the world’s FIRST rolling continuous belay system and remains the only system that can be installed with safety line out-of-reach for maximum adrenaline rush (1.7m -2.3m above platform height).

This high capacity system dramatically increases customer throughput and has one of the lowest operating costs on the market. With hundreds of thousands of miles rolled, SAFEROLLER® leads the industry in durability, decreasing your down-time and increasing your ROI.

The SAFEROLLER® Trolley is a certified mobile connecting device (PPE) conforming to all industry safety
standards. Once connected to the safety line, it is impossible to disconnect without the express assistance of an operator. Your safety is assured. From 4 years and up, just slip on and roll. Ideal for SAFEROLLER® Kids Trail and Zip Line Parcours of any length.


Play Safe in Adventure
As soon as the Kanhook® (PPE) is attached to the wire rope, you are safely and continuously secured from end-to-end. No other security measures are required. If necessary, park operators can quickly remove the Kanhook® (PPE) from the safety line. Perfect for team building.

Swiss designed & manufactured
Incomparable Swiss technical innovation, design and engineering combined with impeccable quality and aesthetics.

Speedrunner®: smooth and quiet
Just hook and go. The Kanhook® (PPE) slides smoothly and quietly on the safety line, following you wherever you go. You are continuously secured. The wire rope is installed half-height (1.4m -1.6m) to allow manual manipulation. Create an adrenaline-filled adventure.

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