Unser erfahrenes Team hilft Ihnen, die leistungsstarken in der Schweiz entwickelten und gefertigten kontinuierlichen Sicherungssysteme Saferoller® & Speedrunner® zu nutzen und Ihren eigenen Aerial Adventure Park zu erstellen.

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"The best of the best!" Forest Fun Park Zermatt

"We just had an amazing couple of visits Forest Fun Park with our three kids aged 9 to 11 - they've tried various adventure parks but this one is the absolute best! The kids have varying levels of ability/strength/confidence and they all enjoyed it so much, there's really levels for everyone. The trails are graded so you can gradually work your way up in difficulty and the little ones ended up doing the black which was super challenging but they loved it and were so proud to have done it. There are tons of zip lines going over the rivers and through the trees with the amazing mountain views behind, including some really long ones which are so much fun. There's also a special trail for younger kids (which our kids also did when they were younger and loved).

As a parent you can get quite emotional seeing your kids doing this and at one stage on the black I asked for the personnel to come and look at the kids to check they were OK - they came immediately and confirmed that everything was fine. The kids got a massive, massive buzz from doing this, they were so happy and had so much fun and really had a feeling of independence. There's definitely an extra level of challenge and adventure here on the harder trails that you don't get in other places. They insisted on coming back for a second time during our holiday.

And when you are done there are gourmet snacks on offer - check out the chocolate cake and icecream! The personnel are super friendly and helpful and they also take amazing photos." 30.07.2017 🤣😚Reviewed by Paula Collins

"The best of the best!" Forest Fun Park Zermatt

Innovative in der Schweiz entwickelt und gefertigt kontinuierliche Sicherungssysteme für die Adventure Industry

Erfinder von Saferoller®, dem weltweit ersten kontinuierlich rollenden Sicherungssystem. Produzent des innovativen Speedrunner® Kanhook kontinuierlichen Sicherungssystem. Installation auf über 700 Trails in 450 Abenteuerparks in 56 Ländern auf 5 Kontinenten.

Kanopeo's Produkte sind ganzjährig auf Lager. Weltweit versendbar.

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"Kanopeo: Leading the aerial adventure industry safely to new heights"


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