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  • "The best of the best!" Forest Fun Park Zermatt

    "We just had an amazing couple of visits Forest Fun Park with our three kids aged 9 to 11 - they've tried various adventure parks but this one is the absolute best! The kids have varying levels of ability/strength/confidence and they all enjoyed it so much, there's really levels for everyone. The trails are graded so you can gradually work your way up in difficulty and the little ones ended up doing the black which was super challenging but they loved it and were so proud to have done it. There are tons of zip lines going over the rivers and through the trees with the amazing mountain views behind, including some really long ones which are so much fun. There's also a special trail for younger kids (which our kids also did when they were younger and loved). As a parent you can get quite emotional seeing your kids doing this and at one stage on the black I asked for the personnel to come and look at the kids to check they were OK - they came immediately and confirmed that everything was fine...."

  • Kristina Trachsler, Outventure / Seilpark Engelberg, Switzerland

    Kristina Trachsler, Outventure / Seilpark Engelberg, Switzerland

    "We have chosen the Saferoller continuous belay system on our 3 children's courses, as it is easy to handle for children. In the high season there are around 10 guides and in the low seasion between 2-4 guides in our ropes course aerial park. The continuous belay system is installed on trees. We have about 9 zip lines for kids between 5 and 10 metres. Our little visitors are all excited by the system as it is safe and easy to get in and out. All children are super happy and run the courses in endless loops "



    “If you are into zip lines and ropes courses then you must visit the Forest Fun Park. During our brief 2 night stay in Zermatt we decided to visit the Forest Fun Park with our kids (13, 15 & 17). Having previously done ropes courses in North Carolina, Florida and Missouri we can definitely say that this one was one of the best and most challenging and had the easiest safety mechanism to get around. On top of the challenge, the course is situated throughout the treetops with beautiful views of the Matterhorn in the backdrop. Unlike most things in Switzerland (that we experienced) it did not cost a fortune and therefor was a extremely good bang for our buck (or Swiss franc). The staff was extremely pleasant and made us feel at home. I would recommend that you allow at least 1.5 hours to complete all courses and more time if you are less experienced. Located a short walk from town it was convenient to most hotels. A must do if you like adventure while in Zermatt.“

  • Jesse Dessens, Big Blue Aerial, USA

    Jesse Dessens, Big Blue Aerial, USA

    "Big Blue Aerial is getting inquiries every week to build courses for other people. We always recommend Saferoller initially and anticipate this side of the business getting increasingly busy as the west coast of the US builds and installs more courses."

  • Patrick Hahnrath, Kletterwald Freischütz, DE

    Patrick Hahnrath, Kletterwald Freischütz, DE

    "We were looking for an advanced solution that combined maximum safety with simplicity, comfort, and low maintenance requirements. In our opinion, a continuous system is superior to all other systems. The trolley is perfect for climbing through the course quickly and it is also very suitable for the popular zip lines."

  • Nick Dubois, Ice Mountain, B

    Nick Dubois, Ice Mountain, B

    "Saferoller® is an overall great product. We've choosen this continuous belay system mainly for safety and accessibility for children. The Parents think it's great. The Children are pretty happy as well, not having to think about switching karabiners on the lifeline."

  • Charles Woodward (Chairman of CaPTA) , Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome, AU

    Charles Woodward (Chairman of CaPTA) , Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome, AU

    "We have many international tourists visiting Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome and therefore it is important to have a system which is easily explained and virtually foolproof. The Saferoller system achieves this. Guests at Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome feel very safe with the continuous belay system, as they recognise that there is no chance of falling without a safety line attached. They trust our safety equipment and this allows them to have fun without worrying about falling. The lifeline is installed at two metres, which has several advantages. It is away from guests’ hands and fingers, preventing them from getting caught, and it reduces the drop height for guests, meaning little loading on the gear in a fall."

  • Pascal Coquand, D'un arbre a l'autre, FR

    Pascal Coquand, D'un arbre a l'autre, FR

    "I switched to Saferoller® at the beginning of 2013 and have a very good impression and the retrofit has surpassed my expectations. The system is easy to handle and simplifies the running of the park. The atmosphere in the park is now very quiet and relaxed, because the dangers have been eliminated."

  • Michael Wansink, Klimpark Biesbosch, NL

    Michael Wansink, Klimpark Biesbosch, NL

    "Klimpark Biesbosch opened in August 2013 in Biesbosch, Netherlands. The children’s course was an important concern for the park owners. Michael Wansink and his team wanted the park to be suitable for young and old, as well as company events and children’s birthday parties."


Kanopeo is the Inventor of Saferoller®, the world's first rolling continuous belay system. Producer of the innovative Speedrunner® Kanhook continuous belay system. Installed in over 700 trails in 450 adventure parks spanning 56 countries across 5 continents.

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